Service Plans

Filters are Required to be Cleaned Every 3-4 Months. A Filter Cleaning Charge of $129 is Billed Every 3-4 Months.

Your filters are required to be cleaned every 3-4 months to maintain healthier water and improve circulation. It is essential to remove dirt from circulation and prolongs your equipment. Improved efficiency may reduce your electric bill.

Our Story

The Blue Pool Company aims to fully digitize your pool service experience while providing instant and very reliable services to all things pool related.

At The Blue Pool Company we only hire the best pool technicians after a dependable screening process.

The Blue Pool Company is proud to be based in Houston, TX.

How it Works

As Easy as 1, 2, 3..

Why Choose Us?

houston pool cleaning


"Best Houston pool service experience I've seen so far."

These guys perfected the pool service experience in all its aspects and details. Vouch!

- Madison Moyer

"Wonderful. Don't have to think about my pool."

Great job maintaining our pool. Folks were very easy to reach. Would recommend them to my neighbors. 

- Rodrigo Pinto 

"Thanks guys, pool is constantly clean and great!"

We would like to thank our pool technician Gabriel Sanchez for doing a great and professional job!

- Jason Briggs

"Glad to have them. Spectacular work."

Pool is always clean, basket is regularly cleaned, filter regularly backwashed. Their service is great.

- Nishant Singh